Friday, July 27, 2012

Love me Back

Love me back

Loving heart knows nothing else but to love everybody unconditionally.

 Loving and being loved are two sides of love coin. Have we ever heard people say, 'Love me back.' Most of the times when people say, 'I LOVE YOU' they actually mean 'Love me back.' How strange but true! 'I love you' should actually mean, 'I love you unconditionally no matter what.' But when love is not returned, people become resentful and revengeful. They kill love in their hearts and become loveless. Love that they claim vanishes like thin air within minutes of non acceptance or rejection as they call it.

Either love is overrated or misunderstood or mismanaged by most. When 'I love  you' means 'Love me back', its not loving. Its demanding love. Love is inspired not demanded or begged. Love is not a currency to be exchanged, to be bought or sold. Love happens! It can't be forced on anyone. A heart which is unkind can never experience real love. A loving heart is a kind heart, a tender heart. What makes us miserable can't be love. If love is to conquer its not love. If one stoops to conquer, its not love. Love is not a bargain. If love turns in pain, misery, revenge, remorse, it is not love but possessiveness. Love is joy. Love is freedom. Love is bliss. Love is giving more than receiving.

Instead of pestering for love we need to become LOVE and loving for everyone around us. What goes around comes around. How can we UNLOVE someone we Love. Have we been lying to ourselves and others.How can love be conditional. We can accept someone's love but how can we demand anyone to love us back? True Love comes back full circle so if its for real, stay in love, stay loving no matter what. If we are happy when our love is happy and sad when our love is sad, we surely are in love. Love is loving and staying in love,its not asking someone to love us back.

If we Un love our love, we were never in love....if we wish unhappiness on our love, we were never in love, if we kill our love, we are not in love. Stay and keep loving, no matter what!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Storm of Love


                                         I could watch the main road from my pent house.I could see the school bus stop and watch the kids get down.I knew it took just a few minutes to reach home.I also knew what kept her away,busy and playful,happy and screaming with joy.I knew what she was doing while I awaited her arrival along with Flash and Vito at home.Both of them could hear the bus break along with me and couldn't wait like me for her to get back home.They all waited like us,all of them.Some of them hanging on the main gate,others greeting her on street,some following her.She had a kind word,a pat,a touch,a scream for each one of them whether they lived in homes or streets.She was like a storm of love for all of them exactly at the same time everyday.The language shared by them was alien to us but familiar to them.The whole neighborhood used to erupt like a storm,no one could ever stop.The roars of love multiplied with each step she took.She stormed fearlessly and lovingly amongst them while onlookers ignored or feared away.That was the happiest half an hour for her on her way back home.She knew their names if they had one ,if not she gave them one.She was like a Pied Piper for them.Everybody knew her as the girl who knew and loved them all.Yes as eight years old, she knew each and every dog which lived as a pet in every home or every street in our neighborhood.I watched a storm of love striking the street from my terrace every afternoon along with Flash and Veto our two pet dog's,waiting to be struck by it.Flash and Veto never stopped participating in the love chorus of their clan barking their hearts out till she hugged and played with them.She never stopped laughing,playing,jumping,cuddling,yelling out of joy till she climbed the steps back home returning their love calls.I am reminded of all this today after my daughter reacted negatively to my Face book status,'If we keep kicking every barking dog we can never reach our destination' apparently liked and commented by many.She didn't like it a bit and for sure.Her reaction which I should have known was '' Mom why kick them,why not pat and love them on your way. You surely will reach your destination no matter what,with lot of joy in your heart.Lesson learnt from my own creation of love.Barking dogs need more love,care and attention than anyone else,give them some too on your way.My heart stepped up from Love to Compassion.