Friday, December 6, 2013

How Can Love Complain !

( When enough is not enough )

Driving up and down the hills of Mussoorie on my scooter, just before my early retirement, I used to tell God "Wait till I have leisure like you and sit with you" !

And finally that day came. I always wanted to volunteer but never had enough time. The only way I could convince myself was by saying "Charity begins at home". Once I finished all the responsibilities, I started volunteering at Sunnyvale Shridih Sai Temple.

Every Thursday morning devotees used to sing Baba's bhajans. I used to hear enchanting stories of some devotees.Each one's life was so different from the other's.People after people poured in either to ask for favors or thank HIM for favors and blessings bestowed on them.

I thanked Baba everyday for letting me be with him. Most people wished for jobs, homes, children, money, health e.t.c. When people used to ask what was the favor Baba bestowed on me I used to say, "He helps me enjoy leisure". 

Despite having best jobs and living in the best part of the world, people had tons of complaints about their lives. When enough is not enough ! Most devotees returned or stopped coming but for one. Sunshine or rain, she never missed attending the noon aarti. Always smiling and cheerful, uncomplaining and thankful. I always wanted to speak to her but could never dare to interrupt her meditation in the Temple. She saw no one in the room, sang bhajans or meditated silently. Soaked in Baba's devotion she was a true devotee.

Finally one day, I stayed longer than her in the temple. When she was leaving, I approached her and asked her to share few moments with me.I told her how I admired her devotion and presence every Thursday and asked her to bless me and give me some message. 

And she did. Her message was "Never ever complain for anything in life".

She was in Love with God. She had no complaints in life. On the contrary she thanked God for sparing her from not seeing the dark side of life.

Her eye surgery had gone worse from bad. Instead of getting better sight, she had lost sight in both her eyes ! Yet she arrived and left the temple everyday with a smile. 

How can love ever complain !

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