Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When love got misfired !

I was 23 in my dream city Delhi. In Love with love and life !

They were the love of my life ! All of them. Were and still are !

The girls came in the staff room. They complained their money got stolen everyday. We kept an eye. Books got stolen, pens got stolen, our peace got stolen ! Clueless and lost, I wondered who was stealing things and why ?

I called in the monitor, an all rounder smart boy, to discuss. Asked him to have a 24/7 vigil around. Nothing worked ! Whatever could be sold was stolen everyday from the classroom.

Trying to solve the mystery in my head, failing everyday, I found my frustration rising its head loud and high.

A knock at the door busted that loud silence in my head. What the two boys told knocked my senses out ! To cut the story short, I was told that the monitor of the class stole things to buy drugs.


I refused to believe it. But trusted those boys. Called in the monitor to search for drugs in his pockets. Much against my wishes, made another boy search his pockets, socks,shoes. How happy
and relieved I was when I found nothing. Called in his best friend. Asked him why did he humiliate his friend like that.He burst into tears saying ' Ma'am save him, check him again, he has hid the drug in his folded sleeves'. Hell broke on me when I discovered a slim, long case from his folded sleeve.

There was no point in reporting the matter then and there to the Principal or other staff members as finals were within days.I wanted to save and not destroy the boy by issuing him a transfer certificate.
He was sent from a small city to Delhi for higher and better education.He lived with his sister's family, they used him for finishing daily chores and raising their twins.

I consulted a doctor, talked him out of drugs. There were no more thefts. Peace returned. But it was short lived.I was threatened in the corridor by an ex student for stopping the monitor from buying drugs.They had lost a member of their gang. When I questioned the ex student to talk to me like that in school premise he roared and left,saying ' I'll see you outside school'

When the last bell rang, my entire class was soaked in fear and I in courage. I started my scooter and made the monitor sit behind me to take him to my house for safety. No sooner I left the gate and hit the road I was surrounded by boys with hockey sticks and cycle chains. They demanded to release the boy. I refused and drove him to my house. My parents accepted him with open arms and hearts. He became a part of my family.

Peace returned as the ex student again met me in the corridor next day. But this time he did not threaten me but fell at my feet crying and saying ' Wish I had a teacher like you.Its my word that no one will ever touch him now ' My monitor became the star of the school. He got the best grades and was awarded the best student of the year. Needless to say for months I and my family spent huge amounts of time nurturing him.

But love got misfired !

His best friend knocked at the door and came in again. He said 'Ma'am please save HIM'
Who now ?

"The monitor. He is on drugs again".

When I called him to my room and asked him ' What happened, why did U start again '
He broke my heart in hundred pieces saying " Ma'am you loved me more when I was on drugs, now I wait for you to call and love me. See you finally did "

Love got misfired !


  1. What a touching story ! I remember how I used to be so emotionally attached to my teachers in school and even at college level and would do anything to receive their attention and LOVE !! ...and I think I keep doing that now too...loving people around me to extreme ... endlessly :) ...and so I am your newest follower :)

    1. Love Loves ! All the love back to you !